What Empty Nesters Can Do With Their Homes





Your kids are grown up and have moved out. You’re an empty nester. That four-bedroom, three-bath home suddenly seems very large. Should you move? Change how you use some rooms? Here are some ideas for what empty nesters can do with their homes when the kids move out.

Q. Are most empty nesters making similar moves? Or is everyone doing their own thing?

A: Empty nesters are as varied as can be.  Some stay in their family homes in anticipation of expanding families (grandchildren, caring for elderly parents). Some downsize to easily manageable  condominiums. Some give up home ownership all together and become permanent renters.  Much of the decision depends on financial considerations and location.

Q: Is there anything wrong with living in a house that’s bigger than you need?

A: Not at all. If you have the means and the desire, why not enjoy a large home? Many empty nesters like to host get-togethers and need a larger home to accommodate a crowd.

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