integrity experience innovation

These 3 fundamental values are the foundation of our company.

At Design Services, Ltd. we are deeply committed to impacting and to improving the lives of our clients and their businesses through interior design.


Values Driven Design Solutions


It takes more than talent to create innovative, well designed interiors.

It requires unconditional commitment to good business practices, efficient project management and a dedicated team to exceed our clients’ expectations from start to finish on every project.

Design Services, Ltd. is committed to providing not only the best design, but also the best service to our clients.

We are known as a “hands-on” design firm that is flexible, agile and able to meet the changing needs and demands of our clients in a quick and timely manner.

We consider each of our clients’ a “valued partner” in our business. We listen to our client’s requirements to determine their budget before we design. Our team provides quality project management where we anticipate, preempt and prevent potential problems for their project, saving our clients time and money.

As a Valued Partner, it is our goal to provide solid return on investment to our clients by merging our vast experience and expertise with the latest in design and technology.