Top 9 Christmas Decorating Trends 2015

1. Frosted Wonderland

Clear and frosted glass, and acrylics, made a real splash in 2014 and are back again in 2015.  As well as the traditional bauble shapes, icicle decorations are a big part of this trend.

Frosted decorations are obviously the cornerstone of the Frosted Wonderland theme, and can be used alone for a monotone elegant finish, or blend with champagne and/or soft tones such as mint green or pale blue.  They are also used significantly throughout many of the other themes including graphic woodlands, Winter Song and even Traditional Twist themes.

2. Blue Moon

Blue is big in so many ways in 2015.  Every shade of blue from pale blue incorporated with champagne or frosted decorations, through the turquoise and royal blue used as a pop of colour with the metallic and brown tones.

Another big change this year is more blue and bright gold creating very strong, regal appeal.  While we have had blues as a popular accent colour over recent years, they have predominantly been mixed with silver and white.  This year the mix creates a far warmer palette.

3. Merry Metal

The past few years have seen interest in all metallic tones – from platinum, rich gold through to copper/bronze and more pewter/silver tones.  While gold has always maintained its popularity, the inclusion of other tones of browns, bronze, coppers and pewters have been predominantly as accent colours.  This year we have seen more exclusive use of these tones to create one of the hottest neutral palettes.  Rich luster, texture and elegance oozes from this combination.

If the neutral palette isn’t enough and you need a little ‘colour’ add a pop of colour such as burgundy, emerald green or even turquoise.


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