Tips For Small Space Living By The Woman Who Lived in 90 Square Feet

Interior of modern living room

Living in a tiny space is not for everyone. Hundreds (dare I say thousands?) of people around the world — after watching my YouTube video — thought I was nuts for living in a 90-square-foot Manhattan studio.

Living small is great for those who are more interested in acquiring experiences over stuff. When I moved into that tiny apartment, I quit my full-time job and set my sights on finishing my first book. I planned to stay for just a year. But something happened when that year came to an end. I didn’t want to leave. Living small had made my life so much larger. With a low overhead (literally and figuratively), my days now belonged to me. I worked when I wanted. I traveled. I rode my bicycle on a whim. For anyone looking to spend more time doing what they love, I encourage you try it.

Here are 10 tips to make your small (or even large) space feel a little bigger.

1. Less stuff equals more room. Easier said than done. Many people feel overwhelmed by downsizing. Try these tips to get motivated: First: start with your socks. Holes? No partner? Buh bye! Then move on to shirts, shoes, toiletries, books, etc. Breaking it down into sections makes the entire process less daunting. Second: If you like speed dating, try speed tossing. Set a timer for 20 or 30 minutes and work in one room. When the buzzer goes off, stop. If you want to keep going, then by all means, reset the buzzer. This reduces the pressure to get it all done at once. Third: Roll a pair of dice. The total number is how many items you must throw or give away. Kids love this.

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