The Secret Baby Boomers Must Use to Get Rid of Clutter!


Are your children dropping not so subtle hints about being stuck with all this “stuff”one day? Baby Boomers need to make a serious effort to begin the often overwhelming process of getting rid of clutter well before retirement. You can get into the mindset of downsizing by creating a series of manageable goals and feel satisfaction as the clutter effortlessly leaves your home. This article offers a simple system to use to get this process started and not allow it to fall the way of the one week wonders, New Year’s Resolutions.

Creating and maintaining the proper can-do mindset is easily done once the realization hits that you that you are not attacking the whole house or even an entire room at once. A manageable goal means identifying one small defined area at a time, complete the task and know you guiltlessly move on with your normal routine. Once you feel the satisfaction of watching the clutter gradually leave your house, never to return again, you will see this system is easy to keep going.

How simple you might ask? Each weekend the Baby Boomer commits to getting rid of clutter by filling one bag and one bag only with stuff to throw away and contributing to a box of items to be donated to a thrift shop. These items cannot be part of the normal trash generated in day to day living, like junk mail. Once the trash bag is full, and out the door into the garbage can, your goal is complete and you can move along with your life. Once the thrift shop box is full, it might take a few weeks, then it take it directly to the thrift shop! Do not pass Go! Do not collect $200!


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