The Minimalist Life Cleanse Stage 1 [De-Cluttering your Home]



The Theme here? Minimalism in the home.

Minimalism is such a broad word for all that it encompasses, the meaning stretching across many different elements of your life and approach to, well, almost everything.

Your lifestyle consists of numerous different habits, routines, behaviours, activities and passions. Some of these become stagnated or so repetitive you sometimes fail to notice that they aren’t quite satisfying you any-more, or adding any substantial value to your daily life. That is where stage 1 of the cleanse comes in.

You are going to bring minimalism into your life, beginning with your home.

Why minimalism you ask? Why is everyone so nonsensically obsessed with this movement, what is so appealing about it!

Well, it’s kinda like exercise, if you don’t ever do it,¬†you can’t fully understand how beneficial it is and how good it makes people feel, so naturally you look at it with apathy and scepticism. And minimalism, well you can’t understand the sense of clarity and peace that comes with the practice of de-cluttering your life until you yourself try it. And you learn quite quickly once you begin to de-clutter, how you never needed so many types of items, and so many different versions and options!

A good example for myself, is my nail polish collection...since taking off travelling I have had two nail polishes in my collection, a mint one, and a purple one. I am yet to finish either or get bored of them. And then I remember I have about 25 polishes back home, doing nothing, sat in a drawer. And it occurred to me, I definitely have no real need for that amount of choice when I can evidently be more than happy with less! I don’t need 25 of anything. I can be happy with 2. And you can apply this same concept to your stuff.

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