The Book On DownSizing : Find Your Next Home


Where Do You Want to Be?

Since, as we’ve often heard, location is everything, let’s start by thinking about where you would like to live in your “Next Chapter.” Once we have a general idea of your ideal setting, we can move on to the type of home you want.

Same neighborhood, different home

Sometimes we are blissfully happy with our neighborhood, but not our house. There are always a few homes nearby that seem just right, even though we may never have seen inside. But if one ever became available, we tell ourselves, that would be the home to downsize to.

Same town or city where you currently live

For many people, “home” has become the community we live in, if not the specific house or neighborhood. Whether our plan is to downsize or to rightsize, we see ourselves moving within the city or town that we currently call home.

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