The Benefits Of Keeping A Simple Home

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Over the last couple of years I’ve slowly made changes to our home. I’ve been more intentional with what I spend my money on and how I spend my time. I don’t want to have a home filled with things to simply show off. I want my home to be a haven for my family. A space where we gather and create memories. I don’t care about fancy furnishings and pricey decor. Nothing wrong with it if that’s your thing, but it’s not what brings me joy.

When you start to focus on the things that are important and that bring you happiness, something changes. You no longer worry about impressing others. You no longer feel the need to keep up with the Joneses. You start living with intention and focusing on what matters to you. Over the last several months, I’ve noticed some great benefits that have stemmed from keeping a simple home and here are some of my favorites:

The Benefits Of Keeping A Simple Home

Less time cleaning

The less you have in the home, the less surfaces you have to dust and wipe. I can easily whip my house into shape in 1/2 of the time that used to. I’m very particular about the furniture I buy and the decor I put up. If I don’t love it, I won’t put it up just for the sake of having something there. I still have several empty walls in my house that I’m slowly decorating. Quality over quantity is my new motto.

More space

My mom and I have the same square footage, yet she swears my house is bigger than hers. The reason she believes our home is bigger can only be explained by our lack of clutter. I don’t feel the need to fill up every nook and space in our home. I like having some empty spaces. Empty space creates the illusion that a space is larger and can also be more visually appealing. Want a bigger home? Just get rid of some stuff.

More money

You might be thinking, how does a simple home and money relate? In more ways than you can imagine. I spend less on stuff because I no longer feel the constant need to update or upgrade the home. There’s nothing wrong with sprucing up your space and making it your own. I enjoy decorating, truly I do. But I don’t feel the need to switch my decor every season, and I certainly don’t feel the need to keep with anyone. So when I’m at the store, I can say no to frivolous purchases and save my money for the things I really want.


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