Staying in Place – and Very Busy



Retired in Connecticut
Jane and Jack are a most interesting couple, retired or not. Although they were both born a few years too early to be official baby boomers, this vibrant pair is young enough at heart to wear out anyone from the 1946-1964 generation.

What They Did Before Retirement
Jane has an MSW. She was a clinical social worker for many years in the Hamden, CT school system and in part-time private practice. Jack has his Ph.D. in Psychology. he spent much of his successful career as head … of the School Psychology program at Southern CT State University. Both loved their careers very much, and each had mixed feelings about retiring.

Initial Plans and Preconceptions
The couple has been married just over 23 years. Strong individuals, each had their own ideas about what retirement might bring. Both had extensive hobbies prior to retirement, and it is clear that both saw themselves enjoying those activities after they stopped working. Jack, in fact, has more hobbies than he has time to practice. He had thousands of old jazz LPs and CDs – just listening to them could be a full-time job. He also reads thrillers, enjoys the movies, and can’t get enough of watching his beloved Yankees, the Knicks, the UCONN Huskies, WNBA games, and professional tennis. As a former top-ranked tennis player in New England, even in his mid 80?s he gets on the tennis court 2-3 times per week.

Jane is an avid reader, skilled New York Times Crossword solver, and highly talented potter. She knew that her pottery was going to be a major factor in any retirement plans. Although Jane is a fine tennis player, multiple knee operations and her full-time pottery business now keep her from enjoying the game as in years past.
The couple thought they might buy a second home for retirement – or maybe not. Travel would be an important part of any plans, however.

Retirement Priorities
Some of their top priorities included:- Time for travel, lots of it! – Visit their children, particularly the grandchildren in California- Practice their hobbies- Go to New York City often for cultural outings – Enjoy the time shares they own in different parts of the country- Escape New England’s winters, at least for some of the time.


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