Some things should just stay the same…

I was inspired recently by some “good old fashioned” business tips from a woman who created a food empire with just $200 in her pocket.  Paula Deen, transformed herself from a humble “bag lady catering service” to an international phenomenon and food celebrity.  How did she do it?  Her Southern-style business tips just prove that while much has changed in our world- some things should just remain the same:

1. “Come on in and put your feet up.”- Business translation: Make people feel welcome form the moment you meet them.

2. “Dance with the one who brung ya.”- Business translation: Be loyal to people who are loyal to you.

3. “Much obliged.”- Business translation: Never forget that a little gratitude goes a long way

4. “Don’t get too big for your britches.”- Business translation: Never show a hint of arrogance in life or in business.

5. “Y’all come back now, y’hear?”- Business translation: Make sure your customers know they are a part of a family, and you hope to see them again real soon.

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