Smaller Homes = Happier Lifestyle


Are you a baby boomer or empty nester who is considering buying or renting a smaller home in the near future?  Buying a home, whether bigger or smaller, is a very personal decision that weighs in a number of factors.  Deciding to downsize is a tough decision to make when society pushes the concept of “bigger is better.”   Contrary to societal influences, many people who have already downsized will tell you that just because you are downsizing, it certainly does not mean that you will be downgrading.  Living in a smaller home causes you to think simpler; therefore it can improve your life, relationships, and finances allowing you to live life on your own terms.  In fact, here are the top 10 reasons that living in a smaller home can help you live a happier life:

  1. Less Maintenance. Less time, energy, and effort is spent cleaning and maintaining a smaller space.
  2. Live In Desired Neighborhoods.  With less square footage the house will generally cost less that a larger one, making it more affordable.  This creates the opportunity to look in the more desired neighborhoods and community lifestyle that most intrigues you.
  3. Less Expensive.  Less money is spent on insurance, taxes, heating, cooling, electricity, home maintenance and repairs, etc., freeing up your money and time for what is important to you.
  4. Less Clutter.  Moving into a smaller home forces you to intentionally reduce the amount of belongings that do not have as much sentimental value which can be mentally freeing as well.  You become less focused on stuff and can focus on things that really matter.
  5. Less Temptation to Accumulate.  Without the extra space for extra stuff, you are less likely to buy something you don’t need.  Once again saving you money.
  6. Have More Free Time.  Having to spend less time cleaning, means more time for your relationships with family, friends, and yourself, and to pursue the things in life that you have a passion for.
  7. Better Family Bonding. A smaller home forces the people in it to be closer and encourages more social interaction.
  8. Know Your Neighbors.  Smaller houses tend to be closer together making it easier to get to know your neighbors better.  It takes less effort to spend time with them meaning you’re more likely to form friendships and be a better neighbor.
  9. Improves Your Health. Fewer things to clean means that you are more likely to deep clean since it takes less time.  With less dust, pet hair, or dander means cleaner air.  A smaller house also encourages you to go outdoors more often which can promote exercise for better health.
  10. Reduced Environmental Footprint.  Less energy is consumed and fewer materials are used in the building process for smaller houses.  Buying smaller often means buying an older home, preserving the environment without the new building.

Living in a smaller home can fulfill your physical and emotional needs, as well as, your financial ones.  Downsizing is a step forwards, moving towards the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of.

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