Rethinking the American Living Room

When is the last time you used your living room?  According to a study of the National Association of Home Buyers 65% of the American population uses their living room only 4 times a year.

How much “Real Estate” does the footprint of your living room consume in your home?  In homes built in 1980’s at least 25% of the first floor space was dedicated to the living room.  In the 1990’s only 20%.  Today- new homes may not even have a living room, instead there might be a library, music room, multi-purpose room.

If you are using your living room only 3-4 times a year, is it time to “rethink” and possibly convert that unused space into one that better suits your current needs and lifestyle.

In this home, the client used to “cram” dinner guests into the small dining room and would rarely use the formal living room- so we switched spaces!  Result: fabulous dining room and an intimate sitting room.

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