Repurposing Shipping Containers. . .Hi Tech Design

A great way to recycle old containers and elevate them to a loftier purpose!

Over the past decade, fleets of shipping containers have left the shipyard and have been popping up on dry land as an eco-friendly—and economical—method of surprisingly elegant design. We’ve rounded up three recent projects that take these humble boxes to new heights.

So, the next time you see one of these humble containers on the highway or in a port, they may be destined to be repurposed as a school or a business office!


Project: Vissershok Primary School. Firm: Tsai Design Studio. Location: Cape Town, South Africa.


Project: Proxy. Firm: Envelope A+D. Location: San Francisco, California.


Project: Ninety9Cents. Firm: Inhouse. Location: Capetown, South Africa.

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