Three keys to making a small space feel bigger

No matter how big your home, you will always wish it were just a little bit bigger. After all, with just a few more square feet, it wouldn’t look so cluttered and your space would feel warmer and more welcoming. But guess what?  Even a small space has the potential to give off those feelings, as long as it’s laid out well.

Semblance Modular System provides storage and can also act like a room divider.

While some layouts physically give you more space, others may only make it seem like your space has increased, when in reality, it’s the same square footage. But both techniques will enable you to reach your goal of opening up a small space, as long as you pay attention to these three keys: height, light, and simplicity.

Height. If you can’t expand outward, then try expanding upward. One way to do this is by incorporating tall shelving. This will not only add height, but will also provide a sufficient amount of storage. Having this storage space makes it easier to keep the room clutter-free, especially if it’s open storage. You don’t want to have a messy shelf on display. In addition, the shelves can be used as a room divider when necessary.

BDI's Phase Shelves provide a great place to store your necessities.

BDI’s Phase Shelves provide a great place to store your necessities.

Another way to trick the eye into thinking there is more space is to add height to your furniture. If sofas, TV cabinets and tables are raised up on legs, there will be a feeling of openness underneath. If you feel there is not enough room in your small space for a TV stand, mount it on the wall to keep it off the floor.


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