Make A Small Space Seem Larger

Do you have a small room that you wish was larger? Here are three tips to fool the eye:

1. Use Small, Reflective Furniture
For small areas, designer Claudia Benvenuto uses furniture that doesn’t seem to take up a lot of room, like the glass cocktail table in her living area. Mirrors, as well as glass, acrylic, metal, and gilt pieces help animate petite spaces.

2. Move Your Furniture Away From The Walls
Furniture placement can be tricky in a room without much wall space. In the family room, designer Chad Eisner pulled the furniture into the middle of the room and designed a screen that “wraps” the sofa and anchors a desk behind it.

3. Go With White
Designer Kevin Byrne favors white for a small space: “It opens up any room and makes it look bigger than it is.”


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