Luxury Condos and Apartments for Baby Boomers


Baby Boomers, the post war babies, are turning 70 years of age this year. Most are still too young-at-heart for retirement villages and years away from needing aged care accommodation. Many are deciding to sell up their family homes, downsize and invest in a smaller luxury apartment. Here are some things you might like to think about when downsizing to a luxury apartment.

Your Community

Being part of a community is important to some retirees as they want to be closer to the action and have access to more of the community facilities and leisure attractions than before. Some complexes have are a mix of resident ages and others are aimed at baby boomer empty nesters and become naturally occurring retirement communities.

Vulnerabilities of Old Age

Vulnerabilities of Old Age

As you become older, people begin to form different values in life. They can become vulnerable and maybe value convenience and comfort more than they did before. They begin to have a preference for ground floor apartments with a pleasurable outlook in low-rise developments with an elevator.

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