Letting Go of Other People’s Stuff: How to Declutter Family Heirlooms


Aunt Ada’s 24-piece floral tea set, Great-Uncle Bill’s rusty old tool collection, Grandma Bessie’s antique china cabinet. Sounds like you may be holding onto other people’s stuff. Nevermind the fact that you don’t drink tea (and you hate floral patterns). You’re not the least bit handy (i.e. you couldn’t use a wrench to save your life). And that china cabinet? It’s in your storage unit; collecting dust. Do you wish you could declutter family heirlooms without feeling guilty, fearing you’ll offend other family members or being obligated to store other people’s stuff?

The good news is, it is possible to free yourself from the guilt, fear, and obligation which have been shackling you to other people’s stuff for far too long. You can let go of other people’s stuff and reclaim your personal space, style, and joy. Here’s how…

See how here at UnclutteredSimplicity!

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