How to Remodel Your Bathroom for Now and the Future


With universal design, your bathroom will be more accessible to everyone.

You’re planning a bathroom remodel. Exciting! It’s time to talk about flooring and finishes, light fixtures and storage space. Oh, yeah, and walkers, slips and broken hips! Wait. What?!

We know, we know, that’s not you. It may never be you. But the truth is: Thinking about some of the challenges of aging as you remodel will actually make your house more accessible to everyone in your life, whether it’s your adult daughter trying to take a shower while her baby is conked out in the stroller, a toddling grandchild who won’t sit still in the tub, a spouse recovering from knee surgery or an elderly parent with failing vision.

Planning ahead and anticipating the changing needs of your family will prevent your bathroom from looking institutional down the road.

— Amy Levner, AARP

To learn how to plan ahead, read more here!

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