How To Keep A Clean House & Free Yourself From The Chains Of Drudgery


Keeping a spotlessly clean house isn’t as difficult as it looks. How to do it has been the best kept secret of Susie Homemaker for years.

How to keep a clean house and free yourself from the chains of drudgery will give you the know how, skills and confidence to achieve a spotlessly clean house and a clear conscience.

Even in our modern day with both partners working women get the lions share of the work as well as the guilt. Women spend about 3 hours a day doing house work compared to an hour and a half for men. Two out of five men don’t do laundry while only one out of twelve women don’t do laundry. Society demands that homes be clean, tidy and organized and yet economics requires women to work out side of the home. The old stereotypes persist and women get stuck, emotionally and physically, with all the work. Yet if anyone is working 3 hours a day on housework they’re doing it wrong.

The Four Unbreakable Rules

Never, ever, break these rules!

1. Everything has a home.

2. Use it or lose it.

3. Never ignore or pass anything that needs to find it’s home.

4. Use “little minutes” every chance you get.

Time to talk

You will have to have a talk with your better half and let him know what you are trying to accomplish. He will have to be a part of it and support you in this. He’ll have to pitch in as well. Let him know that this system will be easy to follow with clear direction and will result in a very satisfying feeling. It will make you happy and his goal should be to help you be happy.

I’m so buried I can’t find the shovel to dig my way out!

A messy house has emotional and physical costs. It makes you feel tired, hopeless, out of control, depressed, frustrated and over stressed. It can lead to resentment and loss of self-esteem. If you can’t find something, over and over, you can’t relax because you worry about all the things you need to do. It can lower your immunity and resistance to illness. It’s an energy drain and a time drain. Clutter eats up your time. Everything needs taking care of; even if you’re finding it impossible to take care of it all you still know it needs taken care of. If you have 50 cups you need to take care of 50 cups. If you have 20 cups you only need to take care of 20 cups. By cutting the amount of things you have you can cut the time you need to take care of them, and worry about it, by more than half.

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