How to Get Rid of Unnecessary Possessions and Live the Life You Want


Stuff overload. Negative energy in your home and surroundings. Sound familiar? Are your materialistic items taking over your life? Do you want to know how to get rid of unnecessary possessions and live the life you want? I want that too… I mean, I really want to share how you can get the life you want by only keeping yourself surrounded with what matters most.

I know there are people (like you) that need REAL help getting their lives back and are stuck spinning their wheels because of the (bad) advice they find online. I’m sure you’ve seen the organizing “hacks” I’m talking about that don’t really help you eliminate things, but suggest that you need to add more things in your life in order to organize your current things.

If you organize things a certain way, that will reduce the clutter in your life, right?  Wrong.

The only way to organize clutter is to get rid of it. Period.

Certain online sources can be misleading when it comes to real answers and advice from so-called “experts.”  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t look online for advice, I love using Pinterest to educate myself further – in fact, Pinterest generates 95% of my blog traffic.  Just be careful of the source you are using and whether or not they are a trusted expert.

So now you are probably wondering if I might be a trusted expert, lol… keep reading and I’ll let you decide 🙂

I’ve seen blog posts recommending using a tension rod under the kitchen sink to hang several cleaning products.  That’s a creative idea (and I’m pretty sure it stemmed from a highly respected celebrity homemaker) but there are much easier ways to tidy a space without having to add more stuff.

Take a look at my post for How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink for example.

You will not find tension rods or several bottles of cleaning products in our cabinet.  We have 1 multi-purpose cleaner and products that we use daily only.  There is plenty of space to add more crap, but we realize that will just add more stress and negative energy so we keep it simple.


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