How Small is Too Small: What Makes a Tiny House Tiny?


One question that intrigued me was this one:

 “I’d be curious to know where folks think “tiny” ends and “small” begins. I dream of downsizing to a smaller space, but I don’t think I could live in a tiny house for an extended period.”

This is an interesting question so I thought I might look into it a little more.


Photo by J. Andrew Flenniken

Photo by J. Andrew Flenniken

Read below for more thoughts on small versus tiny.

“Tiny” and “Small” are pretty arbitrary concepts. What one person considers tiny others might think is small.  For instance, Matt and I live in a house that is 120 square feet which we find delightful but other tiny house couples prefer a house that is over 200 square feet which strikes me as being on the big side, even though I know better. Here is an additional bit of trivia for you – Matt and I have not been staying at our tiny house for the winter. We’ve found ourselves in a 1940s bungalow on the north edge of Asheville proper. The small house is 700 square feet. I know several people who find that way too small to be livable but for us as a conventional house goes it is just about perfect. As a small aside, there were many factors that went into the decision to live in the city for the winter, but I am aching to get back to the tiny house.
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