How minimalism can change your life.


This morning I woke up free. I woke up without deadlines, without commitments, without dirty dishes, piled laundry or a cluttered house. This isn’t because I am one of those super-duper organized supermoms who must not ever sleep. No, I am actually the opposite. I spent most of my life completely unorganized, looking for my keys frantically each time I needed to leave the house. I spent hours cleaning, and my house was never clean. I said “yes” to so many things when I really wanted to say “no.” Something had to change. That is when I turned to minimalism.

It just made sense to me. The less you own, the less you have to take care of, clean and maintain.

Last weekend we gave away our toaster and Crock-Pot. We replaced our coffee pot with a much smaller French Press and replaced our large multipurpose blender with the single-serve kind. We no longer own dressers. We edited our wardrobes. We don’t use large bookshelves; we use the library. We have simplified our routines and lessened our commitments. We own less. A lot less. And now I am getting a taste of freedom. I no longer spend my days managing the things we own. I can now spend more time enjoying my family, friends and my newfound sanity. Oh, and I can find my keys!

Everything we own has a place and it’s easy to manage because of owning less. Here are the five things I have gotten from minimalism.

1. Less cleaning! This is one of my favorites. I spend way less time cleaning. Owning less simply means less to clean.

2. More time. I spend less time cleaning and more time playing! I have also learned to say “no” to things that I do not want to do or do not think valuable so that I can say “yes” to better quality uses of my time.


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