How I’m Striving to Simplify My Home | Decluttering


I’m just gonna be honest here. I am a hoarder. But, wait. I am an overly organized hoarder. I keep everything and I mean every.single.thing.

Every single paper the kids have brought home from preschool – I have them. They are neatly organized in file folders…that are taking up space in our office. Clothes that I don’t fit in that I bought 6 years ago – but someday I will. They are organized my type and color…in two closets in our home.

Wait. That was me.

Not anymore, friends. This year I am striving to simplify my home and my lifeSeriously. We have soooo much stuff. The clutter, although neat, is taking over our home.

Kitchen countertops overflowing with stuff. Closets filled to the top with stuff. Gah. Don’t even get me started on our laundry room. It’s the catch-all of stuff. I’m getting rid of this stuff once and for all.

See how she does it here at The Triplet Farm!

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