How I Conquer Clutter (When it’s Emotionally Difficult)


I understand the emotional attachment to stuff

I love the idea of minimalist living. I strive towards it, in fact. (At a snails pace, yes, but still – I’m striving!)

Those who are naturally minimally inclined don’t quite understand the emotional turmoil that some of us feel when we try to take on the (should be freeing) task of de-cluttering. So this post is for all you emotionally attached clutter bugs out there. The ones who WANT to live in a clutter free space, but struggle because you feel controlled by your stuff. 

I get it. I am high-anxiety, seriously over-sensitive, and easily overwhelmed. Or at least I can be (I’ve really come a long way in learning to deal with anxiety). I work everyday to bring my Sane Self to the surface. (That’s what I like to call the little voice of reason that allows me to function – when I choose to listen to her – and I do that more and more these days).

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I’ve learned 4 little tricks to make de-cluttering easier

De-cluttering is something I have worked on a lot the past couple years and man do I love how it feels to live in a home with less stuff. It hasn’t been easy. ( The Freed from Clutter: Declutter Course by Becky Mansfield, available in this awesome clutter busting bundle, is a HUGE HELP.)

I have had to be very intentional about making sure stuff leaves my house. (I’ve also become very intentional in making sure stuff doesn’t come into my house.)


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