Green Space: It’s a Win Win

Green design can be beautiful say designers Vasi Ypsilanti and Margreet Cevasco who proved their point when they chose earth-friendly products for a showhouse in New York. “You don’t have to compromise on quality and good design because a product is green. Even if only a handful of products in a project are from sustainable sources that’s a start. If 70 percent of the products are green, what a difference that makes in how you live and in what manufacturers produce.”

Eco-kind products in the kitchen include:

• A solid bamboo floor, made from fast-growing, renewable bamboo plants

• Natural Corkimg_greenspacelg_ss1_1

• Solar-reducing woven shades made from reeds, grasses, and bamboo that filter natural light to keep a room cooler

• A recycled stainless table that was in the house previously. Its sleek lines inspired the room’s mix of traditional and modern elements.

• Painted concrete floor tiles, which are air-not kiln-dried and require less energy to make. The tiles also absorb and radiate heat, pleasantly warming the room.



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