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Everyone is busy these days. We’re trying to eat right, exercise more, do meaningful work, be a better friend, attend more happy hours… It’s exhausting.

Our homes are supposed to be our retreat from the rest of the busy world – where we go to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. However, the unfinished projects, mismatched styles you hate, and extra stuff you no longer need leave you feeling anything but comfortable.

Sound familar?

Fortunately, there is a solution.

And that solution is called simplification. 

You see, we’re told by the media we need this and that and pretty soon we have SO MUCH excess stuff. Rather than feeling satisfied with the items filling our home, they’re bogging us down and making us unhappy at home.

We all have become so accustomed to having so much stuff (myself included), that we don’t even realize how much we’ve acquired over time.

Imagine if we fill our homes with just our very favorite things — photographs that bring back fond memories, comfortable furniture, colors that make us happy — how different we would feel every time we walk into our home after a long, busy day.

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