Downsizing your home, upsizing your lifestyle






The kids have moved out, the mortgage is paid off, and the big garden is becoming a bit of a burden.

But rather than sit in an empty nest, Baby Boomers are saying goodbye to family house and yard as they try apartment living on for size.

The Baby Boomer generation is turning 70 from 2016, ushering in what we can expect will be two decades of rapid growth in Australia’s senior population. And as they age, Boomers are likely to oust young urbanites as the main driver of growth in apartment construction.

But forget cramped bedsits and stuffy boxes. Instead, think private foyers with support staff trained in first aid.

Picture apartments with plenty of space to hang fine art, large balconies and architect-designed kitchens, quality appliances and communal lounge/bar areas. Imagine developments that feature wellness centres and yoga classes, well-stocked libraries and business areas with free Wi-Fi, and play equipment for the grandkids. Envisage access to care services and chauffeured group day trips thrown in for good measure.


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