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shutterstock_287453057 Reasons you may be downsizing your home

  • Your present house is larger than your needs – the children may have all left home to make their own homes.
  • The yard may involve a lot of work that you don’t want to or can’t spend the time doing. Cementing a large lawn area may be tempting but not practical.
  • You want to downsize your house while you are still physically able; you don’t want someone else making your decisions.
  • You may just want a simpler lifestyle with less stuff and less stress.
  • You want a smaller place to park your possessions and to have a base while you travel.
  • The present rent is too expensive, and so a smaller home may be the answer to relieving the financial pressure.
  • Your job is gone and you need to make changes to find a new job in a different area.
  • You’re ready to downsize, shift and take up the blogger’s lifestyle.

Tips for downsizing your home

These tips are mostly about downsizing your possessions to fit into your downsized home.  They come from our practical experience in downsizing.  We downsized to a two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms and a balcony. We downsized from a four bedroom, two bathroom, two living area and an outdoor entertainment area and a good sized garden with a double lockup garage.

1. If possible, start the downsizing process about three months before you shift. This way it won’t be so stressful and emotional, you can take it in small manageable stages.

2. It helps if you know what size your next home is going to be. For ourselves, we did not know until about two weeks before we shifted. This did not stop us starting the process well in advance.  During this pre-shifting process keep a mental picture of where you will be shifting to. Even if you are not sure, you will have an idea of how your new home will be smaller e.g. it may have two bedrooms less than you have now.

3. A good place to start is with clothes.

Most of us have a heap of clothes taking up space, and we never wear them. If you are moving to a different climate, this will influence your choices.  Sorting clothes is a chore that can be done without upsetting the function of your household.  Have a suitable bag to put your clothes in to take to a charity. Separate the clothes that are in excellent condition from the clothes that will just be suitable for rags.  As soon as you get a couple of bags full, deliver them to the charity so that your house does not get blocked up with bags. If you are planning on having a garage sale, you may want to put some items aside for that purpose.

4. Consider a Garage Sale

When planning a garage sale, set aside a room or space in the garage to collect these saleable items. Start thinking about where you are going to advertise your garage sale.  This sale could go a long way toward paying for your carrier.


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