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The Great Recession has had a profound and lasting impact on most of us just as the Great Depression had on our parents generation.
At Design Services, LTD. it has allowed us to rethink our priorities, recalibrate our vision and clarify how we can provide the most value to our clients and their businesses.
Through constant research, we continue to identify trends and try to understand how those trends and changes are impacting our clients and the world we live in.

Some issues and changes that are impacting how we will need to design in the future:


  • The “Values” Shift
  • The Demographic Shift
  • Social Impact Design

The “Value” Shift: The new economic realities have created a shift in values that is reshaping the American consumer:

  • Consumer interests, attitudes, aspirations and priorities are changing from mindless to mindful spending.  They are focused on “needs” not “wants”, value, quality and service.
  • Consumer buying patterns are being re-shaped:

*For many, moving is not currently an option.  The good old
fashioned value of “making due” is once again
*Alternatives to moving are remodeling, particularly
kitchens and baths that impact family life.
*If moving is an option, the “next home” will be smaller,
affordable, energy efficient and will maximize every inch of
space.  It will be family focused and be in a “walkable” or
“commutable” community.

The Demographic Shift: The aging, the obese, and the “Gen Y” household formations are demographics that will require special design considerations.

  • Aging In Place Remodeling

*Design that allows older adults to stay in their homes as

long as is practical and safe (especially kitchens and


  • Universal Design

*Design that is intended to accommodate all ages and

abilities- even disabilities.

  • Obesity Design

*Obesity is on the rise in America- at all ages.  Design that

accommodates special needs (i.e. chair dimensions)

allows for comfortable and safe environments

  • Gen-Y Household Formations are Changing

*Younger generations of renters are living with multiple room-mates to

make costs more affordable.  Will this continue?  How will it impact

design?  Rentals are up- Home ownership may be down- or

desirable in future- this can even effect older adults.  How will this

impact design?

Social Impact Design: Designing with a conscience that will impact society in a positive way- “good design, doing good”

  • Sustainable design
  • Sustainable products
  • Educating/ Assisting third world countries through design and technology

By identifying, understanding and responding to these trends, as designers we can provide value where and how it is most needed and can have the most impact. We want to continue being design leaders and valued partners to our clients as we move from The Great Recession to a Great Post-Recession Era.  We want to add value and make a difference for our clients.

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