Designing for boomers

20131212_PGAGLOBAL REPORT—Today, about 10,000 baby boomers will reach the retirement age of 65. And about the same number will cross that threshold every day for the next 16 years, according to the Pew Research Center.

That is creating a highly prized new category of leisure travelers who are increasingly the focus of hotel design and amenities.
And based on the size of the market—and its daily expansion for years to come—hoteliers continue to look for ways to set themselves apart and attract that business.
Multi-generational travel
An ever-increasing number of baby boomers are traveling with their children and grandchildren. As a result, an emerging trend—especially in family-oriented destinations such as Orlando, Florida—is a focus on getting more people into a room or suite, said Jonathan Douglas, managing principal at Orlando-based VOA Associates. That means allocation-of-space innovations are needed, such as adding bunk beds to the mix in order to accommodate boomer-led, multi-generational groups who do not want to be separated into different rooms.
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