Downsizing Tips for Moving to a Smaller Apartment


    Downsizing to a smaller apartment will save you money on rent and utilities, but it can be a stressful experience. Chances are, you won’t be able to fit all the stuff you’ve accumulated into a tighter space, and it’s hard to know what to get rid of and […] Read more »

Tiny houses that have more storage than your house!


Tight-on-space dwellings that offer smart storage ideas for any home. Smaller homes are all the rage. Advocates claim downsizing offers a simpler, more affordable, and more eco-friendly way of life, as the Small House Society—an organization supporting smaller housing alternatives—states on its website. Ditching a traditional-size house means you must […] Read more »

9 Surprisingly Big Benefits of a Smaller Home


  It’s hardly news that downsizing your home will save you money. In addition to the lowered mortgage payment and taxes, you’ll also spend less on utilities and maintenance. But living in a smaller house isn’t just a smart financial decision. Deciding to downsize can also improve your quality of […] Read more »

Outdoor Design Trends

Outdoor design

Even though the economy has improved and the housing market has bounced beck, many homeowners are still staying put and investing their money into their own homes, which has encouraged the evolution of outdoor living areas, in both landscaping and hardscaping areas. Read more here Read more »

Green Space: It’s a Win Win


Green design can be beautiful say designers Vasi Ypsilanti and Margreet Cevasco who proved their point when they chose earth-friendly products for a showhouse in New York. “You don’t have to compromise on quality and good design because a product is green. Even if only a handful of products in […] Read more »

The Next Big Thing in Urban Planning? Backyard Cottages


As the days of suburban sprawl give way to those of urban density in U.S. metros—”smart growth,” most call it—providing sufficient housing remains a challenge. Decades of planning regulations and highway patterns support single-family homes built far outside a city center. Even in areas where big residential towers make sense, […] Read more »

Green Design for Kitchen: O2 BAMBOO?


Why the name O2 Bamboo? One of the amazing attributes of Bamboo is its ability to absorb the ever increasing levels of carbon dioxide from our earth’s atmosphere, and creating oxygen, or “O2”. In fact, it creates a lot of O2. Bamboo’s leafy canopy produces up to 35% more O2 […] Read more »

Think Concrete Can’t Reflect Light?


Think again! A light-reflecting material that also displays all the practical qualities of concrete, BlingCrete™ has the capability to bounce incoming rays of light—from either the sun or artificial light—back in the same direction. With its wide range of color options and its unique, individually manufactured textures and images, BlingCrete […] Read more »

Sinks with a Fashion Sense!


Here’s a great way to instantly dial up the design quotient of a kitchen or bath: KOHLER Colors featuring Jonathan Adler—four special-edition hues on six boldly designed shapes of enameled cast iron kitchen and bath sinks. Used in a neutral or all-white interior “Colors of the Wind,” “True Colors” and […] Read more »