Pinterest Predicts The Top Home Trends Of 2017


It’s almost 2017 and that means a whole new year lies ahead with fresh ideas to come, including home trends. While no one can predict the future, the amazing team at Pinterest conducted a study to figure out what might be popular in the coming months. Based on recent spikes […] Read more »

7 ideas for your child’s old bedroom


                    You spent years changing nappies, driving kids to footy practice, waiting for the sound of the front door that let you know your teen was home safe, and saw them persevere through university and land that first job. Now your […] Read more »

Multipurpose Space Appeals to Boomers


From tech spaces to flex spaces, learn about increasing room versatility. Today’s 50-plus clients are “sophisticated buyers,” explains Mary DeWalt of the Mary DeWalt Design Group in Austin, Texas. “They want what’s new and different,” and they want to customize their homes to fit their interests exactly. That’s where flex […] Read more »

Custom Built-In Designs


Built-In Bookcases The home office includes built-in bookcases with both open and closed storage. While files remain behind closed doors, color-coordinated books, vintage-style trophies and cultivated artwork are on display. Transitional Built-In Closet When a closet has this much built-in storage space, it makes sense to have a chair in […] Read more »

Housing Trends for Baby Boomers


New Features Keep Pace with this Active Generation Baby boomers, who were the largest American generation until the Millennials took over, are either retired or quickly nearing retirement age. Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964 and who count more than 76 million, may be getting older, but they are definitely […] Read more »

11 Must haves in baby boomer homes for a better retirement lifestyle


 Baby boomers have either reached the age of retirement or are getting close. And, for many boomers, timely questions arise, including where’s an ideal place to retire and what sort of lifestyle is takes it a step further to ask, what are the “must haves” for retirement lifestyle. Here are […] Read more »

Downsize, Not Downgrade


As baby boomers downsize and are packing up their belongings, they are realizing there are certain material possessions that they are not willing to part with, so one of the “must-haves” is a space that is manageable.  They want high end finishes convenience and simplicity that meets their lifestyle needs.  […] Read more »

3 Baby Boomer Housing Must-Haves


While blanket statements are impossible for this generation, there are a few common threads that appeal to most of the demographic. It’s no secret that baby boomers are a diverse group when it comes to how they’re living–one size definitely does not fit all. However, they’ll need to address housing […] Read more »

6 Home Improvement Ideas for Empty Nesters


The kids are all grown and suddenly your house feels a lot bigger. Learning to live in an empty nest can be an emotional experience at first, but with time you’ll also find it to be an exciting one. The house will feel more peaceful, you’ll have more time to […] Read more »

Workspace Design Trends To Increase Your Productivity


Your office needs more nooks, less sitting. Give your employees a space they look forward to coming to. Creating paths for chance meetings, including nooks, and designing agile, unique workspaces are solutions that designers say promote collaboration, creativity, and productivity in the modern office. “In the last four to five […] Read more »