The Costs and Benefits of Downsizing


Anyone who has even a passing acquaintance with this blog knows that I am interested in downsizing — primarily because I’m smack dab in the middle of the process myself. We sold our house last summer, and we’re living in a one-bedroom condominium for the time being while we look […] Read more »

The 15 Biggest Kitchen Design Trends of 2017


When you think of the world of fashion, you think about how what’s in vogue and out of vogue changes by the season… In much the same way, what’s popular and not popular in kitchen design changes quite frequently, though not as frequently as haute couture… Every year, though, it’s […] Read more »

AARP: Most Boomers Want to Stay Put, but Active


The majority of boomers would prefer to age in their current home, but a new report finds that the biggest factor that could sway their decision to uproot would be finding a home that better fosters independent living. By Hanley Wood Data Studio AARP recently concluded its comprehensive “Livability for […] Read more »

3 Innovative Options That Make Aging in Place Possible


  The old standard of retiring and shuffling off to a retirement community is being re-written by baby boomers who want to enjoy their homes, embrace their communities and age in place as long as they can. By renovating their homes, engaging in the “Village” model, and finding innovative solutions […] Read more »

Boomers Start Downsizing For Retirement


Last year Michele Leavelle quit her full-time marketing job, put her 3,600-square-foot Dallas house on the market for $319,000 and began searching for a new smaller home where she hopes to live out her years. “Where I move is where they’ll be carrying me out of,” she declares. But Leavelle, […] Read more »

How is an aging baby boomer generation changing the design of homes?


Universal design is based on several concepts: Equitable use: All people use the design features in the same way. Flexibility in use: The feature can be adjusted depending on the user; for example, both right- and left-handed people could use it. Simple and intuitive: Any user could understand the feature, […] Read more »

What Boomers Want Most


  Hanley Wood and home builder Taylor Morrison have just unveiled new research on what buyers in the 55+ age group want when purchasing a new home. Research revealed includes findings gleaned from a focus group with buyers in this age group as well as a separate survey of recent […] Read more »

Houses Designed For Empty-Nest Baby Boomers


WHEN Gerrie Schmidt saw a luxurious single-family home development being built in her neighborhood “I lusted after it immediately,” she said. She and her husband, Bob, waited for their children to be out of the house before buying a 3-bedroom house, with Jacuzzi, Palladian windows and extraordinary views. The development, […] Read more »

5 Universal Design Needs for Aging in Place


Aging in place, universal design, age-friendly communities: today’s boomers are quite interested in these buzz words, especially as they’ve watched their own parents transition to assisted living or nursing homes that they’d rather not call home. Just how interested are they? A 2011 AARP survey revealed that more than half […] Read more »