Collaborative Environments: The Design Process

Collaborative environments

With collaborative work and learning taking place beyond the office, healthcare and education interiors must follow suit. We are currently living in an era that has been called the “Age of Transformation,” a moment in history that marks a fundamental transition to the fully global, more sustainable world of the […] Read more »

Wall Protection With Unlimited Visual Possibilities


Wall protection is transformed through Acrovyn by Design.  Digitally embedded images and messages behind a PVC-free Acrovyn sheet without the worry of damage to the graphics or the walls transform any commercial space.  Let your imagination run wild with amazing interiors that will remain beautiful even in those high-traffic areas. Read more »

Express-Swing: The Intuitive Door


The large panel of a typical 3’ door is replaced with two smaller and lighter synchronized panels that swing both in and out. This unique design intuitively responds to the direction of a person in motion and eliminates the disruptive struggle of pulling a heavy door open.  With the panels being […] Read more »

Walls = Sculptures


Self-Aligning, Lightweight dimensional panels work in multiples to create a continuous, uninterrupted sculptural wall. Cast entirely of mineral, they’re durable, safe and healthy. Read more »

“Not Your Grandmother’s Rocking Chair”

Sway 1.5

Sway’s innovative design is based on a unique, 3D orbital motion and allows users to move freely from front to back, side to side, and everywhere in between. Sway enables users to work, study, think or relax for hours on end with uninterrupted comfort. With an aesthetic that challenges convention, […] Read more »

Minimalistic Wall-mounted Sink

flow 2

Porcelanosa’s Flow Series is a minimalistic, yet classy wall-mounted sink and bathroom organization unit.  Great for both residential and commercial bathroom spaces in need of hideaway storage.  Its collections include everything from classic lines to cutting-edge designs and use traditional materials such as wood, with its natural finishings, and more […] Read more »

Texture dividers, Panels, and Walls systems


The world is not flat so why settle for two-dimensional surfaces when you can use textured wall panels by Soelberg Industries to create depth and dimension. We offer a wide variety of textured panels from wave walls to wood walls. Texture your SOEL. Read more »

Fun Loving Mobile Bench


Spot Mobile Benches See Spot go! With the ability to travel about with ease and a convenient storage space of its own, Spot is the fun-loving mobile bench series that adds a creative boost to any space. Offered with or without a rotating tablet, its sized to fit under a […] Read more »

The Brightest Smile—in Color!


The therapeutic value of color took the lead in this dental practice. Research shows that emotionally intense red stimulates circulation and alertness; orange increases confidence and joy; green reduces claustrophobia and anxiety and aids healing; and blue lowers negativity and stress while promoting weight loss and skin rebuilding. So the […] Read more »