7 Reasons to Minimize Your Kitchen


      There are few places in the home that collect more clutter than the kitchen. Junk mail, groceries, backpacks, and contents from emptied pockets routinely add to the everyday collection of dirty plates, coffee mugs, and cooking supplies. Keeping a kitchen clutterfree requires action and resolve. But there […] Read more »

Top Amenities for 2017, from Millennials to Boomers


There is a lot of talk about what Millennials want in multifamily amenities—and it usually involves speed, ease and the latest technology—but of course, they are not the only ones to consider this year. Property owners also recognize the downsizing Baby Boomers as another key demographic. That said, it is […] Read more »

24 Beautiful Master Bathrooms


Okay. We may not want to think about bathrooms any more than we have to, but when you’re talking about the bathrooms in your home, you want them to be as nice as possible. This is especially true of the master bathroom, as this is where you’ll be getting ready […] Read more »

10 Bathroom Trends for 2017


I admit it, one of my favorite parts of my job is identifying emerging trends. Whether it’s tracking interiors, graphic design, or even music, I love it all. In so far as interior trends for 2017, bathrooms are really standing out. Although these usually small – yet important – rooms […] Read more »

Pinterest Predicts The Top Home Trends Of 2017


It’s almost 2017 and that means a whole new year lies ahead with fresh ideas to come, including home trends. While no one can predict the future, the amazing team at Pinterest conducted a study to figure out what might be popular in the coming months. Based on recent spikes […] Read more »

5 Universal Design Needs for Aging in Place


Aging in place, universal design, age-friendly communities: today’s boomers are quite interested in these buzz words, especially as they’ve watched their own parents transition to assisted living or nursing homes that they’d rather not call home. Just how interested are they? A 2011 AARP survey revealed that more than half […] Read more »

Check Out the Top 10 Home Trends for 2017

Martha Stewart Living

Blue accents, heated floors, wood tile and more — these home decor trends are booming on Pinterest, and they’re going to be huge in 2017. By Camryn Rabideau 1.2 k Shares Pinterest Facebook MORE Comment Twitter Google+ Pinterest is many people’s go-to website for home decor inspiration, making it a […] Read more »

Living Large–Boomers Indulge


Flush with equity from family homes, empty nesters opt for luxury and comfort. Rick Glidewell, 56, did not shed a tear during the fateful garage sale when he sold his lawn mower and leaf blower and everything else that had consumed his Sundays for years. “We can plant things in […] Read more »

Baby Boomer Kitchen Design Trends


            Even the youngest of the Baby Boom generation are now in their 50s. The needs of those 50+ are naturally different and it inspires a new way of thinking about how to design a kitchen to serve their changing way of life. Accessible kitchens […] Read more »