4 Signs You Should Downsize in 2018


        Making the decision to downsize your home can be hard. For many, it’s where you watched your family grow. It’s your source of comfort and filled with memories. It’s safe to say that many homeowners don’t typically dream of the day they buy a smaller home. […] Read more »

Hospitality Interior Design Trends Bridge Millennials and Baby Boomers


Hospitality design trends for 2017 indicate we will see both millennials and baby boomers with contrasting wants and needs, and accordingly, the industry will see challenges resulting from meeting those needs. In order to be successful, hotels will need to find the right mix of features to appeal to each […] Read more »

Top Amenities for 2017, from Millennials to Boomers


There is a lot of talk about what Millennials want in multifamily amenities—and it usually involves speed, ease and the latest technology—but of course, they are not the only ones to consider this year. Property owners also recognize the downsizing Baby Boomers as another key demographic. That said, it is […] Read more »

The All-Ages City


Proximity to toilet paper. That’s how Zachary Benedict, a partner at MKM Architecture + Design in Fort Wayne, Indiana, measures a neighborhood’s walkability, and therefore, its suitability to the senior citizens he believes will be the salvation of Indiana’s small towns and cities. “What neighborhood do you know has toilet […] Read more »

Luxury Condos and Apartments for Baby Boomers


Baby Boomers, the post war babies, are turning 70 years of age this year. Most are still too young-at-heart for retirement villages and years away from needing aged care accommodation. Many are deciding to sell up their family homes, downsize and invest in a smaller luxury apartment. Here are some […] Read more »

Baby Boomers Want Space, Lifestyle Amenities in Apartments


What kind of neighborhood are boomers looking for? Today’s developers are getting just as creative in where they build as in what they build. Billy Pettit has a unique outlook on what seniors housing is and what it won’t be very soon. “Seniors, today, tend to follow the rules and […] Read more »

Workspace Design Trends To Increase Your Productivity


Your office needs more nooks, less sitting. Give your employees a space they look forward to coming to. Creating paths for chance meetings, including nooks, and designing agile, unique workspaces are solutions that designers say promote collaboration, creativity, and productivity in the modern office. “In the last four to five […] Read more »

Modular Office “Hive” Made from Salvaged Wood of Derelict Buildings

modularoffice hive

    Run-of-the-mill office furnishings are usually not known for their originality, “cool” factor or for being sustainably-sourced. But what about office furniture made from the debris of derelict buildings that have been torn down and hey – actually looks good? Thankfully, that’s the case with Hive workstations, a line […] Read more »

Collaborative Environments: The Design Process

Collaborative environments

With collaborative work and learning taking place beyond the office, healthcare and education interiors must follow suit. We are currently living in an era that has been called the “Age of Transformation,” a moment in history that marks a fundamental transition to the fully global, more sustainable world of the […] Read more »

Pretty Privacy


Window treatments have the power to change the personality of a room and give you the right amount of privacy. Windows add so much to a home, bringing in light and character, and they allow you to convey a sense of personality—as well as privacy—to a space. What works best […] Read more »