Baby boomer stays in shape through travel

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Remember, the theme of BoomerCafé is baby boomers with active lifestyles and youthful spirits. We think we just found another in Michael Alster of East Meadow, New York. He doesn’t just stay in shape in the gym; he stays in shape through travel.

I’m often asked how I stay fit “for my age.” For the record, I’m only 62.

I’ve been traveling for most of my adult life, but only recently did I start to view travel as a fun and easy way to stay in shape.

So I began a training regimen, which combined cardio at the gym, running outdoors, and weight training — especially lower body and core work — to prepare for the three weeks of challenging terrain in Nepal. We successfully reached base camp in November of 2007 and it stands as one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Since then, I’ve discovered that my love of active travel keeps me fit even before the actual trip begins.  Every time I book a trip, my training schedule kicks in and I spend a few months preparing for the big adventure.  I find that having a goal, like a mountain to climb, motivates me to get up and work out even if I don’s feel like it.

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