Baby Boomer Kitchen Design Trends








Even the youngest of the Baby Boom generation are now in their 50s. The needs of those 50+ are naturally different and it inspires a new way of thinking about how to design a kitchen to serve their changing way of life.

Accessible kitchens use the principles of universal design, which benefits people of all ages. And unless you tell them, most people won’t notice that it’s an accessibility feature. So it’s a winning proposition to include some of these accessible design ideas when remodeling your kitchen.

pot filler

No Heavy Lifting
To avoid carrying heavy pots of water from the sink to the stove, consider a pot filler faucet behind or next to the stove top (above). You can also install a kitchen faucet with moveable joints (like the Kohler Karbon) so you can put the water flow exactly where you need it to be.

Microwaves above shoulder level can become a lifting hazard. New placement options include under-cabinet or a drawer-style which can be installed in floor cabinets or your kitchen island.

dishwasher drawer

No Bending Over
Just because you may be used to bending over a dishwasher doesn’t mean you have to do that anymore. Drawer-style appliances like dishwashers (above), microwaves, and refrigerators are easier on your back and legs because they’re at counter height.

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