Baby Boomer Interior Design Trends


As baby boomers head into retirement, their demands for both style and function continue to be a positive influence on the interior design world.  In planning what is likely to be their last homes, baby boomer retirees are clamoring for affordable furnishings and design plans that meet their changing needs.  The following six style trends are currently on the rise:

Low Maintenance Homes – Baby boomers do not want unnecessary clutter getting in the way.  Hardwood floors, travertine surfaces, and house plants with lower water needs work to reduce the home’s maintenance needs.

Better Interior Lighting – Adequate interior lighting is essential, we well as plenty of task lighting throughout the house

Smaller Furnishings – Overstuffed chairs and large, bulky furniture feel cramped in smaller living spaces.  Danish modern, contemporary and transitional design styles combine both sturdy and sleep elements to create space-saving looks.

Comfort and Function – Couches and chairs with structured cushions make it much easier to stand up again.  Baby boomers will shop around for furniture that offsets both function and style.

Fashion Boomer hit the nail on the head with these Interior Design trends of Baby Boomers! Read more here!

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