Baby Boomer Home Design

Happy Senior Couple From Behind Looking at Front of House.

If you were born between 1946 and 1964, then you are classified as a baby boomer. Around 80 million people fit into this group and around a third of this group will be turning 50 in the next year. What does this mean for the lifestyle of this large segment of the population? It means as this group gets older, home design and home building will need to prepare for upcoming changes.

Although design changes and modifications may be necessary for these individuals to live on their own for many years to come, this group is not spending their time in rocking chairs. This group of people is active, savvy, and not afraid to make decisions. And, they are sophisticated buyers who know what they want and are willing to get it. They want to live well and they want to live comfortably in familiar surroundings.

Learn more tips for Baby Boomer Home Design here!

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