A Working Lounge

How collaboration, flexibility, mobile technology and alternate work environments are defining today’s workplaces.

Today’s workplaces are reshaping their look based on an influx of Millennials, a greater focus on collaboration, and increased workplace density. With Millennials’ preference for interactive work and a barrier-free integration of technology into their work environment, the “hierarchical split” between closed offices and interior cubicles is disappearing. Eric Johnson of Allsteel suggests that the most effective approach to take is “downsizing workstations while strategically designing collaborative spaces,” as workers are spending less time at their desks and paper storage is rapidly decreasing.

Architectural Products - Office Hangout   Furniture from KI customized for an online retail company in San Francisco.

Collaboration is encouraged by reconfigurable seating and work surfaces. “In this new landscape of work, things that were once ancillary side effects of office work – such as camaraderie, connection, spontaneous interaction and group expression – have increasingly become the intended consequences,” states Lori Gee of Herman Miller. “Bringing people together to enable their ultimate creativity and performance is the essential purpose of today’s workplace.”

Architectural Products - Office Hangout 2      Architectural Products - Office Hangout 3

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