7 Ways to Make A Room Look Bigger


Rent prices are continuing to climb but homes are getting smaller and smaller. Are we in the Twilight Zone!? You might not be able to magically expand your walls and floor space but you can do the next best thing: give the illusion that a space is bigger than it actually is. With the right use of color, furniture arrangement and lighting placement, you’ll have a home that feels spacious, bright and beautiful!

 1. Contrast
Darker walls are great for making a room feel cozy and romantic, but they absorb a lot of light instead of reflecting it like lighter colors do. Stick to white walls and light colored rugs that will contrast nicely with small pops of color.

2. Make A Statement

If you have a small living room, fill the space with a large couch, like this sectional, instead of having multiple pieces of smaller furniture. Keep a few inches between the couch and the wall to add shadow and avoid a space that looks cramped.

3. All In One

Take advantage of pieces that have multiple uses, like a vintage trunk that can be used as a coffee table, side table, extra seat, and storage spot for all your magazines at the same time.

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