5 reasons why tapping an interior designer is totally worth it


Lounging on your (admittedly meh) couch drooling over home decor magazines is one way to spend a Saturday. But how about actually creating your own cozy oasis?

Before you eschew the idea with an “I’d love to, but [insert excuse here],” Homepolish interior designer Kerry Vasquez wants you to know that transforming your home into the space you’ve been pining over (and Pinning over) actually is possible—you just might need an assist.

She, and the whole Homepolish team, are on hand to pull your imagined look together and manage the whole project—making the transformation process as enjoyable as the final design (without killing your bank account).

“I think the biggest misconception about working with a designer is that it will cost an arm and a leg, but a good designer should end up saving their client money by choosing the right high-quality elements that never go out of style,” she says. “I really believe a good designer is worth their weight in gold.”

“Creating a space that is correctly balanced and proportioned… can not only make you feel happier, but can also promote productivity and creativity.”

Still not convinced? Turns out, giving your home some love can actually be a really powerful wellness practice (the Marie Kondo method didn’t catch on for nothing).

“By transforming your space you really can transform your life,” Vasquez says. “Creating a space that is correctly balanced and proportioned with color, light, scale, and texture can not only make you feel happier, but can also promote productivity and creativity.”

And while you’re busy channeling all your newly inspired productivity into your own passion projects, Homepolish will be taking care of business. The interior design and renovation service hooks you up with a designer hand-matched to your project, plus contractors and construction specialists if needed. So every step of the process is handled—from turning those magazine pages into a space you can actually Instagram IRL.

Ready for the upgrade? Click here for her 5 reasons to take the interior design plunge.

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