4 Smart Ways to Give You That “Designer Look” for Less!

If you are looking for a few “quick fixes” to make your room look its best for the holidays, here are a few designer tips…

  1. Move your furniture around. Get a completely different look by simply rearranging furniture!  Don’t be afraid to try angling a sofa or “floating” a sofa.  Make it cozy.  Think about how you will feel when you are actually sitting in the room with family and friends.
  2. Add simple millwork. Crown moulding, chair rail, ceiling medallions- relatively inexpensive for the amount of impact they can have.  See our photo.
  3. “Feature” a new mirror. The well placed Venetian mirror allows you to “see the room again”, reflecting the colors, furniture, ect. as shown in our photo.
  4. Paint!  Don’t be afraid of color. This room in our photo is an example of the power of color- it sets the mood for a comfortable, quiet elegance that invites you to sit- and enjoy the room and the people you are with!
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