32 Tips on Becoming a Minimalist


So, the apartment. It’s small, much much smaller than our sprawling 2800 square foot cape cod. Just 1050 square feet to be exact. Three bedrooms, five people, and two dogs, it should be interesting. So, as we prepare for this journey, I’ve realized we have way too much stuff.

We are clearing out, selling, and donating anything we don’t need or use. I’ve decided in this process of trying to downsize, this minimalist lifestyle is actually kinda cool! None of us need all of this stuff. I mean look at Laura Ingalls, she didn’t have every toy under the sun and Ma sure didn’t have every kitchen gadget, cleaning implement, and article of clothing that the great west offered.

If Ma can do it, anyone can do it. We’re taking this leap and trying to figure out how to live with less. I mean homesteading is all about being more self sufficient and less dependent, right?? That includes doing away with all of this materialistic stuff we all seem to mindlessly accumulate. With less stuff, means less dependency, and less desire to collect more stuff. Plus, if you’re anything like me, when you start tossing out, you go hog wild and it is so liberating.

I thought I’d give you some helpful tips on how to live with less, become a minimalist, if you will. And what better time than right around the time the birds are chirping and the weather starts breaking?? Spring cleaning is in the air! Lets go through and get rid of that stuff and learn to live with less!!

Read the tips here at TheRusticElk

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