The Costs and Benefits of Downsizing


Anyone who has even a passing acquaintance with this blog knows that I am interested in downsizing — primarily because I’m smack dab in the middle of the process myself. We sold our house last summer, and we’re living in a one-bedroom condominium for the time being while we look […] Read more »

Pinterest Predicts The Top Home Trends Of 2017


It’s almost 2017 and that means a whole new year lies ahead with fresh ideas to come, including home trends. While no one can predict the future, the amazing team at Pinterest conducted a study to figure out what might be popular in the coming months. Based on recent spikes […] Read more »

16 Living Room Trends for 2017 (And 4 on the Way Out)


  The living room is definitely one of the most important rooms (if not the most important) in any home. Think of it this way. The living room is the place to which you and yours return every day. It’s a place for relaxing and reading a book. It’s a […] Read more »

Downsizing for baby boomers


Are you a Baby Boomer? If so, then chances are you are retired, about to retire, or at the very least watching your kids leave the nest. Either way, you may well have broached the subject of “downsizing” – trading in the space, labour, and cost of the family house […] Read more »

Top Amenities for 2017, from Millennials to Boomers


  A look at the amenities most sought after by each demographic group. There is a lot of talk about what Millennials want in multifamily amenities—and it usually involves speed, ease and the latest technology—but of course, they are not the only ones to consider this year. Property owners also […] Read more »

Baby Boomers on the Move | Downsizing Real Estate

Senior Couple Running Along Beach

It has been estimated that there are approximately 80 million “Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) in the U.S. – and another Boomer turns 50 years old every 7 seconds. Approximately 15% of the U.S. population are 65 + years young and by 2030 approximately 20% of the population […] Read more »

6 Popular Minimalist Decluttering Methods


  The thought of living with less clutter is appealing to many, and the benefits are well-known. Owning less stuff means having more time for the most important aspects of our lives, and even feeling more comfortable in our own home. As desirable as those results may be, the thought of decluttering […] Read more »

Letting Go of Other People’s Stuff: How to Declutter Family Heirlooms


Aunt Ada’s 24-piece floral tea set, Great-Uncle Bill’s rusty old tool collection, Grandma Bessie’s antique china cabinet. Sounds like you may be holding onto other people’s stuff. Nevermind the fact that you don’t drink tea (and you hate floral patterns). You’re not the least bit handy (i.e. you couldn’t use […] Read more »