62 Gorgeous Small Living Room Designs

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  In many cases, the living room is going to form the very beating heart of your home. If your living room space is a little on the smaller side, you may be worried about striking the right tone and style for that space. Thankfully, we’re here to help. As […] Read more »

7 Small Space Seating Layouts


Whether you’re designing a cozy apartment or creating a separate sitting area within a larger room, take cues from these 7 layouts and see how experts make seating work in a small space. 37 In this Notting Hill townhouse designed by Amelia Carter, a sectional sofa provides a streamlined and […] Read more »

The 1 Question I Ask Myself That Makes Decluttering Simple


  Do you struggle with decluttering? If so, you’re in good company. I hated decluttering. I love my stuff! But I realised that my stuff was literally costing me money after travelling with my family for 15 months and paying nearly $4000 in storage fees. My husband and I decided […] Read more »

The 15 Biggest Kitchen Design Trends of 2017


When you think of the world of fashion, you think about how what’s in vogue and out of vogue changes by the season… In much the same way, what’s popular and not popular in kitchen design changes quite frequently, though not as frequently as haute couture… Every year, though, it’s […] Read more »

Throw Out 100 Things Challenge


throw out 100 things challenge   (Hint: I’ve got 7 tips at the end of the post to help you tackle your own home!) Over the weekend I took a few hours to do another Throw Out 100 Things Challenge. And man, does it feel good! Going through our stuff […] Read more »

How I’m Striving to Simplify My Home | Decluttering


I’m just gonna be honest here. I am a hoarder. But, wait. I am an overly organized hoarder. I keep everything and I mean every.single.thing. Every single paper the kids have brought home from preschool – I have them. They are neatly organized in file folders…that are taking up space […] Read more »

The All-Ages City


Proximity to toilet paper. That’s how Zachary Benedict, a partner at MKM Architecture + Design in Fort Wayne, Indiana, measures a neighborhood’s walkability, and therefore, its suitability to the senior citizens he believes will be the salvation of Indiana’s small towns and cities. “What neighborhood do you know has toilet […] Read more »

No Entryway, No Problem: 50+ Solutions for Small Spaces


Not having a proper entryway to place keys and mail and store shoes and outerwear is both a storage and aesthetic Jenga puzzle. We’ve rounded up over 50 ideas—and lots of gorgeous photos—in 10 of our favorite posts to help you win the ultimate prize in no-entryway-Jenga: a functional and […] Read more »

Livable Communities Baby Boomer Facts and Figures


One in three Americans is now 50 or older — by 2030, one in five will be 65+. Here are more facts and figures about the baby boomer population (Americans born between 1946 and 1964) and other older adults. 50+ DEMOGRAPHICS There were 40.3 million people age 65 and older […] Read more »