2017: A Year of Saying “YES!” to Life


city downsizing

My first year as a City Girl, has been like being a kid on a brand new playground.

  • So much to do!
  • So much to see!
  • So much to experience!

When I moved to Philadelphia just 1 year ago, I chose to say “YES” and to embrace almost every opportunity that came my way.

  • Concerts, theater, new restaurants, shops, dances, dates, parties, parks
  • Walking everywhere, taking the bus or subway
  • Improv lessons, art classes, dancing
  • Historical events in my backyard
  • New friends from every walk of life
  • Old friends visiting me to experience city living for themselves
  • Political conversations and discourse
  • Community gardening and city cleanups

2017 was definitely an eventful year of learning, laughing, playing and fun!

Taking advantage of each of these opportunities opened my mind and my heart to a whole new world and way of living.

Would I choose to do it again? …to downsize from my big house in Chester County to my tiny jewel box apartment overlooking Washington Square? You bet! I have no regrets of challenging myself to radically change my lifestyle.

As a matter of fact, for those who are considering downsizing their lives and living with less…so you can live more, I would strongly encourage you to try it! I can honestly say that it has been years since I have felt this alive…living the life I designed for myself, living the life I love!

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