How minimalism can change your life.


This morning I woke up free. I woke up without deadlines, without commitments, without dirty dishes, piled laundry or a cluttered house. This isn’t because I am one of those super-duper organized supermoms who must not ever sleep. No, I am actually the opposite. I spent most of my life […] Read more »

How Baby Boomers Are Creating Their Own Retirement Communities


Rather than settling down in traditional assisted living facilities, some are turning to shared homes and cohousing communities. A few years ago, Marianne Kilkenny’s elderly parents moved into an assisted living community. That got her thinking about her own plans because she didn’t want to end up in a similar community […] Read more »

Homeowners Get Ready to ‘Age in Place’


    Baby boomers spend on improvements that will allow them to stay in their houses longer Bill and Betsy Owens recall the growing concerns they had about their house—built in 1876—in Powell, Ohio. They loved the 12-foot ceilings, the circular stairway and the formal parlor. But when the couple […] Read more »

Forget about aging in place, baby boomers want to thrive in place


Baby boomers’ disdain for growing older may have led to the undoing of the practice — as it relates to real estate and home renovation — of aging in place. A new executive summary released by the digital home services marketplace giant HomeAdvisor posited that nobody wants to be labeled […] Read more »

AARP: Most Boomers Want to Stay Put, but Active


The majority of boomers would prefer to age in their current home, but a new report finds that the biggest factor that could sway their decision to uproot would be finding a home that better fosters independent living. By Hanley Wood Data Studio AARP recently concluded its comprehensive “Livability for […] Read more »

How Clearing Clutter Can Make You Happy


After living 15 years in the same house, we’re moving. Oh my, the STUFF we’ve collected and stored. So the process begins. Last night, I was packing up my kitchen with my daughter-in-law. The cabinets were full of cookbooks I’ve never cracked open, expired food in the pantry, small kitchen […] Read more »

Top 10 Home Improvements for Aging in Place


When you think of your golden years, do you imagine spending them in your own home? You’re not alone. 78% of those aged 50-64 said they want to live in their own residence as long as possible, according to a June 2012 AARP report. But mobility and health issues can […] Read more »

7 Tips for Downsizing in Retirement


Couples often start their married life in a tiny starter home, upgrade to a slightly larger home to raise a few kids, and then stay in that hopefully mortgage-free home in retirement. But many retirees no longer need a several bedroom home. And even if your spacious home is paid […] Read more »

Getting Rid of Possessions: It’s Harder Than You Think


If you’re ready to move to a smaller space or think you might want to downsize in the not-too-distant future, take a deep breath and start planning. It’s a much bigger task than you’ll ever imagine, partly because the process entails far more than just deciding which possessions to keep […] Read more »