Helping Baby Boomers Downsize


    As you look around your own home or your parents’ home, you may begin to realize that sometimes we simply have too much “stuff” and often too much space to handle, especially as we grow older. You don’t need to keep on fretting over a home that’s too […] Read more »

Staying in Place – and Very Busy


  Retired in Connecticut Jane and Jack are a most interesting couple, retired or not. Although they were both born a few years too early to be official baby boomers, this vibrant pair is young enough at heart to wear out anyone from the 1946-1964 generation. What They Did Before […] Read more »

Clean Line, Soft Finishes Update an Empty Nest


Starting from scratch may be everyone’s decorating fantasy, but most people have to work with what they’ve got. Take empty-nesters Trish and Tom Rump, who turned to designer Kelly Keiser to update the staid Mediterranean-style interior of their new San Francisco home. Graced with original arched windows, passageways, and niches, […] Read more »

Baby Boomers Downsizing To Smaller Homes


For those of you who need to know who these ‘Baby boomers’ are, they are the people who were born just after the World War II and are called so because of the boom in the number of babies during that period. According to a study by FH Boom, a […] Read more »

Downsizing Baby Boomers Means Big Boom for Multifamily


  The Baby Boomers are about to boom again. The free-spirited Post World War II class that rocked to Bob Dylan, claimed a transistor radio as a personal identity long before smart phones, and chased sushi with shots of designer vodka is now older and getting charged to make a […] Read more »